Tutu be or not tutu be?

So the deed is done: the health and safety form signed, the fees paid and the loins girded.

After 4 days of intensive induction to the world of the Royal Academy of Dance (as interim Director of Marketing and Communications,) I feel cautiously confident in all but one area: the actual subject matter of dance itself, and particularly classical ballet.

I don’t come from a dance background (unless rock and roll classes at university count) and I’ve traditionally got my cultural kicks through music and travel and architecture rather than dance.

No matter how much we talk about transferable skills, that’s still a bit of a gap. And it’s one that needs to be filled.

I joked about this on my first day: maybe I should take up a ballet class, I quipped. Maybe you should, came the reply. I joked about it again the following day, only this time it was to the Artistic Director, who instantly summoned the head honcho of training bookings. Suddenly the joke was on me, or at least it will be once I turn up for class number one.

But seriously, I’m looking forward to it – I can’t think of a better way to learn about dance. Just don’t ask me to wear a tutu.


One thought on “Tutu be or not tutu be?

  1. Alison Cunningham says:

    What do you mean by no dance background? What about my appearance as a coral sprite on Clacton pier circa 1960? It’s in the blood….

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