White men can’t jump

At least this one can’t, as lesson two has revealed. Can’t YET, I should say.

For the time being I seem to have an issue getting my leg to go in the direction I want it to. When I jump it wants to go backwards, not forwards and under my body as per the instructions.

I’m discovering – as no doubt many have done before me – that ballet ruthlessly exposes the little quirks that each of our bodies exhibits after 21 years* of daily wear and tear. It’s a mental, as well as a physical, challenge to change the habits of a lifetime.

By way of inspiration I went to see the new production of Chorus Line in the West End on Monday. It focuses on the backstory of a group of singer-dancers, and is set in the audition room as they are whittled down from 20 at the start to just eight at the end.

How those boys get their legs to do what they do I simply cannot fathom. YET. Watch this space.

* this may be an exaggeration


One thought on “White men can’t jump

  1. ilde says:

    Waiting with bated breath. Enjoy!

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