Boy, oh boy, oh Balletboyz

So to begin today here are a few things I’ve learned a month and a half into my new vie de ballet:

  1. it’s lovely to learn something completely new as an adult – I’d encourage anyone to give this a go.
  2. having live music in the lessons (thanks to pianist Jenny) is a real luxury…it means our teacher (Holly) can really tailor the lesson to our particular needs.
  3. to be any good at ballet you have to train your hip bones to twist in their sockets, which I guess is one reason ballet has so many advantages for older people (where hips are vulnerable).
  4. you have to strain every sinew in your feet to get them into the habit of being able to ‘peel’ off the floor…the toes, like an over-exuberant party guest, are the first to arrive on the floor after a jump, and the last to leave it.
  5. manipulating your own body weight and your centre of gravity is critical (I practice this on the Tube in London, which demands good balance if you’re travelling ‘hands free’).
  6. it’s all about the line you create with your body…the quest to create that perfect silhouette.

As part of my ongoing search for inspiration I took a trip to see the Balletboyz this week. They’re a sort of ballet equivalent of a boy band…let me put it this way: body fat percentage is not an issue for these boys. (Miine seems to be keeping pace with my age, rather like one of those tracker mortgages.)

Anyway they performed a couple of very exciting works, using ballet movement in a very contemporary way (you can see a preview on their website).

As they tumbled and pirouetted and leapt and created one tableau after another, I thought to myself “I’d like to do that”. But first perhaps I’ll focus on getting my port de bras right.


2 thoughts on “Boy, oh boy, oh Balletboyz

  1. Yvonne says:

    You keep peeling those feet and feeling the beat! Lovely to meet you today!

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