“Feet with potential”

My feet have “got potential” – not my words but those of my dance teacher Holly.

That’s the good news. Sadly it seems that at the other end of my body my brain has more work to do.

I’m finding that coordinating the top half and the bottom half of my body is one of the ballet beginner’s knottier challenges. I choose my words carefully…you quite often find yourself almost literally tied up in knots as the head, arms, core, legs and feet try to work together to create balance and poise.

Today was the end of term and, aside from last week’s skivolitis, progress is definitely being made. The jumps are getting slightly better, the pliés slightly deeper, the arms slightly less ungainly.

But it’s time to shift up a gear, so next week I’ll be joining my local gym to try and build up the strength in my legs and my midriff…I’m noticing that as we get more advanced in class, and rely more on the strength of just one support leg, I’m beginning to shake like an autumn leaf every time we’re required to “go monopod”.

In other news, it’s been a busy old time at work. I experienced an interesting contrast last weekend, watching on Sunday afternoon a gaggle of very talented teenagers compete for the RAD’s annual Phyllis Bedells bursary before going onto the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing dinner dance later that evening. Despite the painful experience of squeezing myself into the dinner suit I last wore aged 21, I enjoyed a day full of very different dancing – from the bursary competitors’ regimented ballet variations, through the UK ballroom dance champions’ swoops and sashays (not to mention FIVE costume changes!), to a young couple performing a contemporary duet to Paloma Faith.

And all of that before the week even began!

In short, it’s high time for a holiday…so happy Easter one and all.


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