To gym-finity and beyond!

It’s no secret that dancers are a pretty fit bunch. And now that the tutu photo has left the building, it’s no longer a secret that I have some work to do on that front.
And so I have joined a gym. Moreover, I have BEEN to said gym, three days running. Moreover I have RUN to said gym, three days running.
It’s a fairly well-known fact that Brits sign up to gyms in droves and then fail to turn up on any kind of frequent basis after about a week of attempting to tackle the BOSU balls and free weights and treadmills and other instruments of torture.
I am determined this will not apply to me. (For this week, at least.)
To support my fledgling ballet career, I’ll be focusing my efforts on the following:
  • Core strength – developing the tummy muscles and those in the lower back in order to be able to strike the correct pose
  • Stamina – a ballet class, clocking in at around an hour and a quarter, is not the same as a quick jog or a brisk walk from the Tube – it demands sustained output of energy
  • Flexibility – my hamstrings are so tight you could play a violin concerto on them – this needs attention
  • Strength in my legs – I’m not bad going up on my toes, but lifting my leg in the old grand battement (which autocorrects as ‘battlement’ – perhaps more insightful than it seems at first) is a struggle 
Plenty to be going on with then.

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