Gym and Tone-ic

Well I can’t believe it – it’s been two years (TWO YEARS!) since I last updated this blog.

But an elephant never forgets – especially not an elephant whose ballet leaps could be heard ricocheting around RAD HQ all that time ago – and I’m back, with a slightly different mission in mind this time…

Each year the RAD stages an event called the Genée International Ballet Competition. Known by many as ‘the friendly competition’ thanks to the atmosphere we create for our young charges over the 10-day experience, the Genée culminates in a series of performances on world-scale stages in front of knowledgable audiences and a jury made up of Artistic Directors.

It’s a genuine launchpad into the profession for those who excel, and a genuine joy for those in the audience, who witness extremely talented young people showing us – in many cases – the future of the art form.

But this all comes at a price; one which we try NOT to pass onto the young dancer. It costs us around £2,500 per candidate to stage the Genée, but we only pass a fraction of that onto the dancer in the form of entry fees.

The rest we subsidise through ticket sales, sponsorships and – you guessed it – fundraising.

And that’s what I’m here to talk about today, because I’ve decided to put my money where my job title (“Director of Fundraising and Development”) is…so I’m embarking on:

gym and toneic.001

For six weeks I’ll give up the gins and I’ll take up the gym…and I’ll be making a donation every time I replace a glass of wine with a pint of tap water. I’ll be asking my friends and colleagues to buy me ‘virtual drinks’ along the way too – and you can do the same by visiting

But I’ll ALSO be undertaking some kind of humiliating/challenging/novel exercise challenge each week too, and blogging about it here…you never know, some dance content may feature, so watch this space…

I’m now a week into my six weeks, and it’s been a slow start in terms of the exercising…pretty much all I can come up with is (thanks to my iPhone) a little log of my weekly commute…it turns out I walked:

  • 73,134 steps…
  • …which equals almost 32 miles:


I know, I know – it’s just walking. But it’s a start.

Must do better; will do better…and your donation will help:


One thought on “Gym and Tone-ic

  1. Aiden says:

    A man’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another drink.
    ~W. C. Fields

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